About Red Soul Days

Image by lunamom58
Image by lunamom58

Red Soul Days is a semi-annual pop-up art series by CerridwenWorks that uses music, performing arts, spoken word, and visual art to celebrate local artists while empowering victims of and raising awareness about sexual assault, interpersonal abuse, and racist and gendered violence. You’ll hear stories and songs about sex & gender and race issues in the workplace, in schools, in media, and in interpersonal relationships. You’ll hear songs fueled by passion, indignation, and thirst for justice. You’ll hear stories, both real and not-so-strange fiction, about the experiences of a heavily gendered and unequal world. And you’ll participate in a dialogue about human identities and encounters with prejudice in daily life.

Red Soul Days occurs in spring and fall of every year. The next series is Feb. 10–11, 2017, and all proceeds benefit charities, public awareness efforts, and social activist organizations that address structural violence, sex & gender and racial inequality, LGBT discrimination, and intimate partner violence.

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Our Shows Benefit

Break the Cycle
Break the Cycle: Teen Dating Violence Prevention
River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding
River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding
Peaceful Paths
Peaceful Paths: Domestic Abuse Network
Southern Poverty Law Center
Southern Poverty Law Center: Hate Group Awareness and Prevention

music, art, and theatre to stop violence