About CerridwenWorks

CerridwenWorks is an arts production agency in Gainesville, FL. Our projects touch on a number of critical social and health issues. Our shows encompass all creative media and all fields of artistic expression. We see the potential in building a feedback web among these fields, by harnessing the educational and emotional powers of art for social change while empowering our community’s creators. CerridwenWorks is both a producer and a process for a variety of projects in Gainesville.

CerridwenWorks produces interactive art shows, arts workshops, variety shows, documentary films, and short plays. We support the development of artistic events; we create promotional materials for theatre productions, art shows, and events; we provide logistical and financial support for small arts companies; and we promote other artistic opportunities in Gainesville, FL, and surrounding areas.

music, art, and theatre to stop violence