Safe Space

The producers of Red Soul Days make a promise to you: you are safe to do your art, and be yourself, at our events. We will make every attempt to cultivate an open and compassionate artists’ exchange, with protections in place against abusers, bullies, and trolls. We celebrate free speech, even unpopular opinions, but do not extend the same protections to fearmongerers and stoneslingers. You can trust that trained anti-violence activists are at every Red Soul Days event, and those who present a danger to our participants are swiftly removed.

Beyond privilege, gender, class, and all other markers, bullying is bullying, abuse is abuse, violence is violence. Victims of violence across the globe will tell you how eerie it is how narcissistic, psychopathic, and prejudiced abusers and bullies behave the same. We are well aware, and believe that such behaviors must be permanently eradicated for the future of the species.

Any questions about the Safe Space policy, contact outreach[at]cerridwenworks[dot]org.

music, art, and theatre to stop violence